Developing an antimicrobial therapeutic platform that demonstrates efficacy against the world’s worst superbugs.

Our platform technology allows for the development of customized antimicrobial therapeutics for numerous pharmaceutical and medical device applications.

“Antimicrobial resistance, I do believe, is the existential threat of this century.”

Admiral Brett P. Giroir, U.S. assistant secretary for health; Pew online, July 27, 2020


EVQ-218, our lead asset, has shown early indications as a safe, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial solution for use in therapeutics and medical devices.


The leadership team of EVŌQ Bio has over 50 years combined experience in healthcare and biotechnology research, in addition to years of leadership, management, and consulting experience. As a team, we are uniquely situated to break new ground in the advancement of next-generation biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.


Our key ingredient for an inhaled respiratory therapeutic—our primary focus—is now in its late-stage pre-clinical phase as we initiate our FDA path. Pre-clinical studies indicate our active pharmaceutical ingredient is non-toxic to lung epithelial cells and penetrates lung sputum to kill bacteria, rivaling tobramycin as a therapeutic.